Non-Profit Organizations

Snow Leopard Foundation Fund for Protected Areas
National Testing Service - Pakistan (NTS) Muslim Aid, UK
American Institute for Research (AIR) EDLINKS, (USAID funded project)
FATA-LDP, (USAID funded project) Pre-STEP, (USAID funded project)
PSDW-HPP, (USAID funded project) HEC-FAD, (USAID funded project)
MATERNAL, NEONATAL & CHILD HEALTH RESEARCH NETWORK (MNCHRN) National Influenza Lab Surveillance Project (NILSP), funded by CDC, USA 
HelpAge International , UK Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan
Michigan State University (MSU), USA Federation of Islamic Medical Associations
Pakistan Islamic Medical Associations (PIMA) International Brotherhood Organization
Madina Foundation Rehablicare Trust
SAACH Foundation Afzal Foundation
Health Sector    
Pakistan Railways Hospital, Rawalpindi Bilal Hospital, Islamabad
IIMC Hospital, Islamabad Madina Teaching Hospital, Faisalabad

PIMA Hospital

Raazi Hospital, Rawalpindi (Project of Al-Khidmat Foundation)

Manufacturing Concerns    
Raaz Tea (Pvt) Ltd. Islamabad Tea Company
Raaz Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Decent Furnishers (Pvt) Limited
Shiraz Poly (Pvt) Ltd. Shiraz Industries(Pvt) Ltd.
Ittifaq Floor & General Mills (Pvt) Ltd. Hamza Sugar Mills Limited
Kisan Ghee Mills Sunlight Pakistan
Capital Flour & General Mills Gohar Chipboard (Private) Limited
Saibins Pharmaceuticals Poonch Flour & General Mills
New Al-Hilal Flour & General Mills (Pvt) Limited Marshal Press
Mining Sector    

ZU  Falah Mines & Minerals (Pvt) Ltd.

Omen (Pvt) Ltd.

South Asia Mining Company (Private) Limited    
Educational Institutions    

AEO Pakistan

Riphah International University, Islamabad
Abasyne University International Islamic University Schools
Islamic International Medical & Dental College University Medical & Dental College, Faisalabad
RAK College of Dental Sciences, UAE Connoisseur Grammar School
Askaria College, Rawalpindi Cadet College Hummak, Islamabad
University Cambridge School, Faisalabad Swedish College of Engineering & Technology
Housing & Construction Sector    
No Limit Business Company (Pvt) Ltd.

Istanbul International

S. A. Mirza Enterprises (SAM) AKRON (Pvt) Limited
Perfect Builders A.  K. Constructions
Aajsons (Pvt) Limited Ultracon (Pvt) Ltd
Trading Sector    
Mehar Brothers (Pvt) Ltd.

Mehar Gas (Pvt) Ltd

Zoom Petroleum Services

Muhammad Waris & Company

ZT Group (SMC-Pvt) Ltd. Mehar Traders
Khyber Electric Co. (Pvt) Limited Kamran & Brothers
Mehran Filling Station Inayat  Filling Station
Mehar Brothers Solar & Lighting Solution (Pvt) Ltd.
Naseem Traders Dairy House Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
Lecto Foods (Pvt) Ltd. Cholitsan Dairies (Pvt) Ltd
Service Sector    
No Limit PR Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. Envoy Facilitation Services (Pvt.) Limited
Apical Ways CFC Consultant (Pvt) Limited
ITC Communications (Pvt) Limited Telezone Communication (Pvt) Limited
MAXNET (Pvt) Limited SELECTUM (Pvt) Limited
International Student Consultants (Pvt) Ltd Eminent Consultants (Pvt) Limited
Seven Software Development (Pvt) Limited Converge Enterprise Services (Pvt) Limited
Al-Khaleej Exchange Company – B (Pvt) Ltd Perception Safety Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
Construction & Contracting    

Apical Ways (Pvt) Ltd.

Monitor Associates (Pvt.) Ltd.
Islamabad Construction & Equipment Rental Company (Pvt) Ltd. Tech Zone Contractors & Suppliers

The advent of information technology has significantly altered the traditional approach of conducting business and has also changed the pattern of business organization in this new environment, one aspect contributing to the success of the business significantly rest on the provision of timely and reliable financial information to promote confidence amongst its stake holders, decision makers and other users of such information.

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Your business will only achieve its true potential if you build it on strong foundations and grow it in a sustainable way. We believe that managing your tax obligations responsibly and proactively can make a critical difference.
Our Tax Advisors are focused on finding and leveraging opportunities to help clients manage and reduce their tax burden. Domestic and International tax issues play a key role in management decisions.

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Under the threat of increased competition from both domestic and international businesses, the demand for efficient and economical business processes is ever-increasing. The firm provides a range of services to help meet the demands of its clients, which include Feasibility Study , Appraisal & Evaluation , Performance Measurement , Process Improvement Services & Cost Management Services.

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