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1- Company Setup ( allows multiple users and Projects entry )
2- User / Logins Management ( with privileges levels )
3- Comprehensive Dashboard
4- Chart of Accounts ( Main and Subsidiary ) 5- Bank and Cash Accounts Management ( Cheque Numbers Entry / Void / Cancelled Cheques )
6- Accounts Opening Balances Entries
7- Cheques in Transit and Deposits in Transit Entry
8- Customers / Vendors / Employees Management
9- Payments , Corporate Payments , Petty Cash Adjustments , E-Payments Advices and E-Payments Management
10- Receipts and Journal Vouchers
11- Ledger Reports , Multiple Ledgers View with Opening / Closing Balances detailed view and Summary
12- Trial Balance
13- Profit & Loss Statement
14- Customers & Vendor Ledgers
15- Journals ( JVs , Receipts , Payments , Petty Cash , Vendor Bills )
16- Cheques & Vouchers Printing
17- Accounts Reconciliation
18- Balance Sheet
19- Monthly Income Tax Reports
20- Vendor Tax Certificate Generation
21- Sales Tax Annexures



The advent of information technology has significantly altered the traditional approach of conducting business and has also changed the pattern of business organization in this new environment, one aspect contributing to the success of the business significantly rest on the provision of timely and reliable financial information to promote confidence amongst its stake holders, decision makers and other users of such information.

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Your business will only achieve its true potential if you build it on strong foundations and grow it in a sustainable way. We believe that managing your tax obligations responsibly and proactively can make a critical difference.
Our Tax Advisors are focused on finding and leveraging opportunities to help clients manage and reduce their tax burden. Domestic and International tax issues play a key role in management decisions.

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Under the threat of increased competition from both domestic and international businesses, the demand for efficient and economical business processes is ever-increasing. The firm provides a range of services to help meet the demands of its clients, which include Feasibility Study , Appraisal & Evaluation , Performance Measurement , Process Improvement Services & Cost Management Services.

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