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The construction industry faces ongoing issues around low productivity and margins, but digital disruption is challenging the status quo. Organizations need to focus on the legacy issues, but also plan for a digital future Shazad Adil & Co teams provide several services to help clients respond to today's challenges Compliance checks, procurement and competitive bidding: SAC teams offer a wide range of services from design and benchmarking against leading practices, to reviews and audits.
• Construction analytics: SAC teams help provide insight into contracts, revenue analysis, margin analysis, costs and project anomalies.
• Construction and capital projects: Strengthening control and improving efficiency are key for improving margins. We offer effective risk management and project management services that reduce risk while keeping projects on time and on budget.
• Digital strategies: SAC teams help companies build digital into all aspects of their operations and gain a competitive advantage.
• Digital solutions: SAC teams have developed two tools to improve back-office efficiency.
• Automated Payments Application Management System improves the invoice payment process by tracking all invoices through the payment process. It helps increase payment accuracy and transparency, as well as quicken payments and cost savings.
• Digital Handshake is designed to help make sure that there is integrity, transparency and shared trust. It provides a single, verifiable source of truth for all legal, commercial and technical documentation, which can only be edited with the approval of all participating parties.